Comment pourrais-je exister sans limites ?

Du vent hurle à l’intérieur de nos poitrines. Nous redoutons qu’une lueur quelconque ne vienne trahir notre état, ne vienne dévoiler la crasse laissée par le règne des grands fleuves boueux dans nos remparts. De ces armes, nous tirons notre grandeur. Et vous, vous garderez un prétexte aveugle selon lequel le pouvoir s’acquiert au mérite et ne suis aucun mécanisme d’exécution.

Not me. Not that. Not nothing either.

What’s the matter if I remove your face? Too many things in too many words, as a hysterical storm as the life I experienced, as the surrogate I became. My surrogate is irrational. My surrogate cries. Why are my cheeks full of tears? I won’t ever stop bursting out laughter. It’s time to be a big girl now, and big girls don’t cry. But I’ll cry. I’ll show you. I can cry.

So I was going to the mall, it was Tuesday like… with the girls!!! We stayed stayed there the whole day, and walked out without buying anything! Oh! That’s fishy! Another unfathomable mystery we’ll never be able to penetrate. So goes the living, well, well, well.. there are two only options to be, one is miserable, the other one is just SICK. That’s sick!! Sick!! You are a sick person. No no no, YOU are a sick person. Why you hide your hands? Don’t pretend that you have no hands!

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